About Us

Betteryouknow.org is a website for women and men who may experience symptoms of a bleeding disorder but have not been diagnosed. With this site, the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) hopes to raise awareness and knowledge of bleeding disorders as part of our Better You Know campaign. Throughout the site you’ll find a risk assessment, tools, and other information to learn whether you are at risk for a bleeding disorder and the next steps you can take to seek care.  We hope Betteryouknow.org is a part of your first steps to feeling better and improving your health.

Please note the risk assessment tools are in no way a substitute for a diagnosis from a qualified medical provider, and the information on this site is provided for your general information only (please see our full Medical Disclaimer).

If you already know you have a bleeding disorder and are looking for even more information about bleeding disorders and living fully with one, please visit NHF’s other resources:

  • Steps For Living – NHF’s resource living with a bleeding disorder at every life stage
  • Victory for Women – NHF’s space for women with bleeding disorders to connect and share
  • HANDI – NHF’s Information Resource Center